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Now of course we can show off fang-tastic Halloween costumes, but our backdrops are versatile enough to pair with almost any outfit.

For our lovely little ghouls, I love this cute romper for a session that's more casual and playful.

Or how about this pumpkin princess? It's so whimsical and fun!

This dress is a little more subtle, while still playing up all the witchy fun.

For our handsome little goblins, this cozy sweater is frightfully good.

Of course our boys need a cute romper too.

Or do a classic pajama session with your very own spooky scary skeletons!

Are you hosting a party this year, or just wanting to add that little extra fir your trick-or-treaters? Bubble cauldrons are an easy way to add a little magic to your setup. They're simple to put together, especially if you purchase a kit like this! Add some iridescent bulbs as your bubbles for
the most enchanting decoration! We made one of these last year and it was so fun to put together and use as part of our spooky shoots.

Our Halloween Minis will be running through Halloween (and a little after, as usual!). Come see us!

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FALL! https://www.flashphotographystudios.com/blog/2023/9/fall Is it finally fall? 

If you missed the announcements on our facebook page - we are having a fall truck & family portrait event on October 8 at The Partington Spring House! These sessions are only $225 for 20 minutes. We will have our amazing fall truck backdrop up and propped out, or you can take advantage of the gorgeous natural wooded landscape around the property. Perfect for fall family photos! 


We have so many gorgeous fall looks in the studio as well! Pumpkin Princess is my personal favorite!

And loving some of these looks for families. While everything is turning red and orange, I'm feeling greens and yellows. 

Disclosure: Links posted are affiliate links specifically chosen by Rebekah at Flash Photography. Clicking and purchasing through these links helps support our small business. We appreciate you coming and reading about our journey, and thank you greatly for any purchases made through links!


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Where we were, where we are: A Flash Update https://www.flashphotographystudios.com/blog/2023/9/where-we-were-where-we-are-a-flash-update This year has been a wild ride and I'm sitting here being struck with the reality that September is almost over. What happened to 2023?!

Most of our Flash fans are already aware that we had two massive changes over the summer. First, after months of trying to negotiate our lease, we found ourselves closing our doors at Liberty Center at the end of May. The heartbreak was real - we had been there since the mall opened it's doors in October 2015.

Before the dust had a chance to settle, we were given the news that we had to move our location at The Greene by the end of June. We spent weeks trying to compromise on a new space and in the final hour, we found an incredible space downtown. We tearfully moved our things out after being at The Greene for 13 years. What a summer.

I can't thank all of you enough for the patience and kindness we've seen since these two big changes. We appreciate you all so much for making the visit to our new studio on Monument Ave. We're still settling in and hope to make it feel like home soon, but I am thriving on the change! So many incredible photographic opportunities and locations within walking distance! We hope to see more familiar faces from both our Dayton and West Chester families.

On top of the two big moves, we have softly launched our rental service. Almost everything in our studio is now able for rent: from our larger furniture pieces for events, to our backdrops and props for photographers and DIYers. And on our never-ending list of things, we will be working these things onto our website. And in our down time (what's that?!), we've been staging and photographing real estate.

Moving into the last weeks of September has my mind leaving the oppressive heat and stresses this summer had to offer and going into all lovely things of the fall. Campfires, slow falling leaves, pumpkin carving, and the warm glow of the season. Next post will be much more fun with photos!!


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You're Invited to Our Tea Party! https://www.flashphotographystudios.com/blog/2023/5/youre-invited-to-our-tea-party Okay! Kettle down, kettle down! We heard you loud and clear during our last auction, so our Tea Party backdrop is back on for our next mini session! I absolutely adore this set, and so pleased to have it out again. We've had it tucked away for a while, but recently stumbled upon it and it has been such a treat to use it again! I was pleasantly surprised so many people asked for this, and we don't want to wait any longer. These mini sessions will start May 16th at our studio at The Greene!

This is such a sweet look for kids of any age, and definitely captures such a precious moment in those early years. Bring your littles for tea time with our teddy bears, or bring their favorite little dolls and toys to sit around the table. This session is also great if you have a little one that might be a  antsy. Stop at Cheryl's Cookies around the corner before coming in and they can have "biscuits" with their cuppa! Have a little one about to turn 2 years old? Tea for Two is such a fun theme for a birthday!

Don't have an outfit or idea what you can dress them in? Here's a few things that I love!

I think anything vintage inspired, soft colors, and gentle fabrics will work beautifully on this set. You can go a little fancy, a little regal, or a little playful to fit your personal style.

Also, If you haven't heard, our mini sessions now come with a FREE 5x7 print! So not only is this a great affordable way (did I mention, ONLY $65!!!!) to get some timeless portraits, you also are sure to have a print made through our professional lab. 

Oh, and here's a link to go straight to our online booking, or give us a call/text at 937.886.4500! Cheers!

Disclosure: Links posted are affiliate links specifically chosen by Rebekah at Flash Photography. Purchasing through these links helps support our small business. We appreciate you coming and reading about our journey, and thank you greatly for any purchases made through links!

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Senior Session: Class of 2023, Oregon District https://www.flashphotographystudios.com/blog/2023/5/its-not-too-late-to-book Might be on my soapbox for a minute, but I must get this off my chest. It is not too late for pictures! It is never too late!


We are rapidly approaching graduation for the Class of 2023, this I know. A lot of seniors get their photos done in the fall, this I also know. It's so understandable that some things get set aside to make time and space for things that have to happen. Some people miss senior fall photos because sports are happening - practices, games, traveling for tournaments. It's CRAZY. People skip doing senior photos over the winter because the holidays are so intense, and then the winter landscape can be so bleak for celebrating this change in life.


Spring becomes hard for portraits too in our neck of the woods. It feels like it takes forever for winter to end and things to start to turn green again. As we are coming up on the end of the season, I have had many phone calls about if we can still get their senior in. YES!! Always yes! Send announcements over the summer! Get pictures printed for the graduation party! Celebrate this time in your seniors life with something you can hang in your home and walk by! They did it! They put in the hard work and made it to the end of this incredible journey of growth, and are about to embark on the Next Big Thing. Celebrate the occasion with portraits before they change anymore, because the next few years will fly by too.


I say this because I had the pleasure of photographing this incredible man over the weekend - and his graduation is only weeks away! Resounding congratulations happened over and over from the crowd around town as we had our session. And how cool was it to have his cap and gown handy for the final set of images.


I'm heading out tomorrow for another session for someone else on the brink of graduation. So, on May 11, 2023 we are actively photographing a senior session for the class of 2023. Still time!! Or if you have a junior about to go into their senior year you can get ahead of the game with gorgeous spring photos without the crazy heat. Give me a call or text at 937.886.4500 or shoot me an email ([email protected])!


Also tell me in the comments if you like the smile or the serious face more on the pose with the red bench. I can't decide!

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Catching Fairies https://www.flashphotographystudios.com/blog/2023/5/catching-fairies Caught a little butterfly fairy at the studio this weekend! Can you believe she was almost three weeks old in this picture? It took a bit to get her to sleep, but totally worth it in the end. 

I cherish creating images like this. We all need a little bit of magic, a bit of whimsy. And the end result makes such an incredible keepsake either for the nursery wall or as a work of art in our home. 

Here's a link to the outfit if you want to create a similar look. This cream color is so sweet, and love that it comes with the little pillow and headband AND little shoes! We used the headband and pillow on another backdrop paired with a wrap we had in the studio. 

Of course I couldn't stop there and wound up shopping for more favorite looks. Here are some more outfit ideas if you'd like to see your little fairies and butterflies dressed up!

For Newborns:

Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS this blue is for girls?!

And I'm crying a little bit over this sweet lace back...goodness. 

Don't have a wee little infant, don't worry! Here are some gorgeous affordable options for 6 months through toddler!

The flutter shoulders and built in wings is such a darling detail:

Anyway, I could go down this rabbit hole forever. I'll have to come back and do a set of looks for little boys! If you grab one of these outfits, let us know and we can set up an appointment for a magical session! Or you can book here and leave us a note that you'd like some whimsical backdrop options so we can be ready for you!

Disclosure: Links posted are affiliate links specifically chosen by Rebekah at Flash Photography. Purchasing through these links helps support our small business. We appreciate you coming and reading about our journey, and thank you greatly for any purchases made through links!

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Have we Met Before? https://www.flashphotographystudios.com/blog/2023/5/have-we-met-before  

Rebekah here, owner and chief photographer at Flash Photography! Over the past decade (WOW!), I have had the extreme pleasure to meet and photograph so many amazing people (and pets!).


If you've never worked with us before, let me start by saying Flash Photography strives to stand apart. We want portraits to be fun. We want creativity. We want style. We want to represent you and have a good time doing it. Flash's goal is to provide high quality sessions that are fast and convenient. Over the years I have wished and wished to share so many of these sessions with as many people as possible. Why hasn’t blogging occurred to me sooner? There are so many stories to tell from over the years. It has been such a privilege to photograph all the sweet newborns, to create so many unique cake smash sessions, and to work with so many lovely families and individuals.

Successful portrait photography is a collaboration among so many moving parts - the photographer’s vision and approach, the client’s style and personality, and all the technical mumbo jumbo. When all these parts combine, beautiful things happen. I am still blown away by all the incredible images Flash creates, and if you’ve worked with me I’m sure you’ve seen the genuine excitement that overtakes me every. single. time.

I have several goals for this space.

1. To share a snippet of our sessions. We have so many favorite moments in the studio but when I can, I'd love to spread that joy.

2. To share our sources of inspiration. There is so much creation happening all around us, and we enjoy pulling ideas from personal and shared experiences.

3. To share ideas. We have our own visions when we create our sets, especially our mini sessions. We receive so many questions about what to wear and what to bring, so this will be a platform to share some of our favorite finds.

4. To share a bit of the behind-the-scenes. Portrait photography is so much more than having a "good camera." I use so many tools, camera included, to provide images for families to cherish.

So, hello if we've met before and welcome if we haven't! I hope to share our love of portraits and photography with you and can't wait to see you at the studio.




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